Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Iron Chef: {Pineapple} - Results

Given that this was a first time thing for almost everyone attending, I was very surprised with the turnout and the recipes. Since I know pictures are more interesting than my rambling, I'll just let you get on to the photos:

Pineapple Empanadas in the making

Spencer eating before we "started"

Adam putting the ice cream into his and Jacob's tropical floats

Jacob really took the secret ingredient seriously

Trevor's vision: Pizza wrapped around a pineapple. Creative idea, but he took it out of the cylinder he cooked it in too early and it started to fall.

Tropical Floats with a secret surprise - ham.

Pineapple Empanadas - Yum! (but I'm biased)

Emily and Bobby made stuffed peppers with rice, cheese, chicken and pineapple.

that would be the ham...

Our Iron Chef: Provo voting box

And the winner! Alex attempted a Pineapple Granita - The texture was unlike a granita but more of a sorbet/more solid smoothie.

In true Iron Chef creative fashion Alex made his recipe a little different than your standard granita - he added red chili pepper flakes. One day I'll get over the fact that I helped him find a recipe only 4 hours before Iron Chef started. One day.

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