Thursday, July 21, 2011

Iron Chef: Provo, An Introduction

For the few of you who were at my apartment when I discussed Iron Chef, you may want to skip this post.

For those of you who weren't, and have not heard the schpeel (is that a word?) on what Iron Chef is and how it goes down, read on my friends, read on.

Iron Chef is first - a great television show aired on the Food Network mostly after 10pm where people battle it out creating dishes from a secret ingredient that they learn of at the start of the show.

It is second, a cure for the common potluck. When I lived in DC last summer I was introduced to this idea of Iron Chef. An event held monthly where you learn of the secret ingredient at the Iron Chef a month prior, everyone brings a dish (everyone brings a dish) and at the end we all vote on who used the secret ingredient the best. The winner then picks the next months ingredient, and will host the event.

Basically - It's a fun excuse to get together, cook with friends, and have a little competition at the same time.

I tried to bring this event back with me to school but I could not even get a few friends together, successfully, for a movie night. We tried, but I was not about to bring Jana's (and prior to Jana, Brandon and Mary's... yes, Jana?) Iron Chef to those who wouldn't be able to love it in the same spirit.

So, friends, here I am. In a quest to "be social" like my roommates have told me I should be (because I generally am), and bring some added zest to this summer ward (and the ward for the fwss terms ahead) I am attempting to bring Iron Chef to Provo.

Now, In case you didn't read all of that here are the rules:
1) Iron Chef is held on a monthly basis. The date after the first Iron Chef will be chosen by the winner but should be a date where there will be a good turn out and most of the group can come. I.e. Let's not choose Pioneer Day weekend since we live in Provo, eh?

2) I'll pick the first ingredient and post it here and on Facebook. The winner of the first Iron Chef will pick the next months ingredient.

3) I will also host the first Iron Chef. The winner of the first Iron Chef will also host the next months competition.

Recap: I'll pick first ingredient, first date held, and host the first time. The winner of our first event will host the next month, pick the date, and the next ingredient. 

4) The secret ingredient must be used in the dish. For example, if it is Cinnamon it does not count if you make a dish and sprinkle it on top. Get creative! Use the countless recipe search engines you have available and really use the ingredient.

5) You may participate on your own or with a friend. Let's try and keep the competing groups to 2 or 3 members. (Hey, two people... sounds like a good date right?)

6) Everyone needs to bring a dish. If you aren't skilled in culinary ways - find someone who is and join! We want everyone to come but it also needs to be said that this isn't a "come over and we'll feed you" situation.

6.2) That being said if you are having a rough month but want to come, let me know. I'll help you find someone to join with or you can be on my team for that month. I'm all for collaboration.

7) HAVE FUN! The best part of participating in Iron Chef is the social aspect. Getting together with good friends, eating good food and having a little good competition.

Questions? E-mail me! I would love feedback on this whole idea.

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